Friday, 27 November 2015

How english language has developed

The English language has a very long and eventful history. Its development began in the 5th century BC, when groups of West German tribes settled in the British Isles.

Only it would be reasonable to allocate 5 periods in the history of the English language:

  • Ancient English
  • Old English 
  • English middle ages
  • Modern English 
  • British English 

History of the English language begins with the invasion of the Germanic tribes to Britain in the 5th century. However, before them in Britain, lived the Celts. The Celts began to settle in Britain in the 7th century BC. Due to the arrival of the Germans the Celts had to leave the North: the territory of modern Ireland, Wales, the Pennines and Scotland.

Almost 4 century Celtic Britain was a province of the Roman Empire. The first attempt to conquer Britain was made by Julius Caesar in the first century 1 BC. The second attempt was made by the Emperor Claudius, when the Romans managed to conquer Britain. All this time up to 449 years in Britain spoke Celtic and Latin languages. In addition, in Britain came from the Roman law, the Roman way of life.

In the year 449 Germanic conquerors come, this moment is considered the starting point in the history of the English language. The German conquest was long. After the conquest of the West Germanic languages spread throughout Britain, except in those regions where lived many of the Celts, namely, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.

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