Friday, 18 December 2015

Reading and text proofreading

Reading and text proofreading. Of them first in order of action — reading. The so-called comparison of text typed on the source text of source — to verify the identity of the text set the text source.

About proofreading — about its tasks and technology — I wrote in the article "As the author to proofread the text and how to use proofreading tools for Microsoft Word tools for Microsoft Word". Proofreading is a complex process; reading is easier to do. However, the process of reading also has its own difficulties and peculiarities. I talk about them in this article, based on my experience of reading texts on paper and electronic media.

The task of proofreading

The problem of read — one: to check that everything typed exactly corresponds to the source from which the text was typed, and at the same time to fix in the set of identified discrepancies. It is clear that even a skilled typesetter can skip a word, sentence, or paragraph, and whole page, can distort the name, initials, term, it is a mistake to dial a number. It can be anything! All this should be checked, and upon detection of errors, omissions, repetitions make the text typed in the edit. A set must match the source word for word, letter to letter, number to number, punctuation mark to punctuation mark.

When reading do not be distracted by other work with the text, combining the reading with proofreading or editing. Correcting only discrepancies with the source and incidentally — noticed technical flaws of the set (set missing spaces between words, remove spaces before punctuation, etc.).

The pace of the reading

Reading is only done once, so no need to rush, so you do not doubt, are all checked.

Proofreading— alone or together?

Together, of course, more fun. Can, and faster. One reads the text out loud, the second silently watching for another text. Sometimes, and not silently. An interesting text to draw the reading into the discussion — and then the two of us just faster. But if we are serious about reading work together, of course, is good and at the same time quick.

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