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United Kingdom

Royal tradition

The tradition of the Royal court most often couched in the form of various ceremonies performed by the Queen and her family.

The opening of Parliament 
Queen officially opens new session of Parliament each year, usually in October or November. She together with the Duke of Edinburgh departs from Buckingham Palace to Westminster in the state coach. Before the Queen and her entourage enter the Parliament building, the Palace guards searched the cellars of the building. This tradition is observed since 1605, when a group of conspirators tried to blow up the houses of Parliament.

Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace 20 times a year. Sometimes they are also conducted in Edinburgh the Palace and outside of the United Kingdom. Every awards show attended by up to 150 candidates, each of which can invite up to three guests. The Queen enters the room, accompanied by two officers. A military of Orkest. The Queen or another member of the Royal family, who conducts the ceremony, standing throughout the awarding procedure, which lasts just over an hour. After the orchestra played the national anthem, the Lord Chamberlain in turn calls the name of each candidate and the reason for which it is awarded. Then the Queen attaches to her chest with the lucky prize and congratulates him. At the ceremony the Queen also dedicates knighthood.

Receptions in the Royal garden 
More than 30 thousand people attend receptions in the Royal garden every year. Is held every summer at least three receptions at Buckingham Palace and one at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. These techniques are carried out from 1860-ies. In the 50 years of the 20th century, the number of receptions in the garden of Buckingham Palace was increased from two to three per year. Sometimes the Queen gives an additional reception in the garden, which is conducted for a large national organization, which celebrates a good round figure , for example, the Red Cross, or, for example, to mark the year of the Disabled. To receive out people from all spheres of society: government, armed forces, diplomatic corps. Invitations are sent by the Lord Chamberlain on behalf of the Queen. At the reception, the timing of which is usually from 4 to 6 PM, there is up to 8 thousand guests.
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh together with other members of the Royal family walking around among the guests after you play the national anthem of great Britain. Each of the members of the Royal family walking through the garden your way, so each of the guests had the opportunity to be represented and to communicate with Royal personages. During receptions music played on the stage two military orchestra. The Queen and other members of her family, in the end, arrive to the Royal tent, where they drink tea. Also at the reception, I put a separate tent for the diplomatic corps and all other guests. Served tea and sweets. About 6 o'clock in the evening the Royal family leave the garden, and the orchestra plays the national anthem of great Britain again to mark the end of the reception.

Official visits 
The Queen is head of England and the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom sends out invitations to heads of other States. Usually in the year the Queen receives representatives of foreign States. Each of these visits lasts from Tuesday to Friday, during which the head of a foreign state not only manages to meet the Queen, Prime Minister, Ministers, leaders of political parties and heads of diplomatic missions in London, but also to attend the state Banquet in his honour, to return with their dinner and to spend the day outside of London and Edinburgh, during which he or she meets with other aspects of British life.

Other ceremonies 
Ceremony in memorial day in Whitehall will be held on second Sunday of November, when all the people the Queen pays to give lost in the two world wars and other military conflicts of the twentieth century. The Queen, other members of the Royal family, representatives of the armed forces and leaders of political parties in the country hold two minutes of silence at the monument to the fallen in Whitehall. Then the Queen and all present put wreaths at the monument, followed by a short service, the orchestra plays the national anthem of great Britain and the Queen leaves. War veterans marching past the monument, paying tribute to the fallen. Christmas message the monarch to his people began to broadcast on the radio George V in 1932. Queen Elizabeth II gave his first radio message in 1952 and on TV in 1957. Previously appeals held live, but since 1960 they are written in advance and only broadcast on Christmas day. There is a tradition of almsgiving by the monarch on Maundy Thursday during Holy week. This ceremony is held in one of the cathedrals or abbeys of the country, and money is given to pensioners living in the parish. This tradition originates in the 13th century, when the kings handed the poor and the ill food and clothing, and even washed their feet.

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