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Teaching a student English.

           In this article we consider in detail the student's teaching methods English. These methods may be useful for parents who want to learn English with their children. Currently, the level of training in regular schools is far from a systematic approach to learning English. In this regard, many parents are turning to private tutors to teach their student or themselves. In this context, we consider how to instill in your student a love of the English language from an early age, as in childhood, the perception is much faster than in the adult. What to do with a student before the English language, the better, because in this age, student absorb all the information.

         First we need to decide to engage the student in English tutor individually or in a group. If we consider the option of training in a group, then the best way would be to combine these exercises with the student of their friends and acquaintances. These classes should be held in small groups of 2-4 people, about two to three times a week. You can do with a student on their own a little bit every day, but this method is less effective. If these options do not suit you, you can simply write the student in an ordinary group of English language courses for student . Such groups today abound. In training a student in school, you need to find a certain approach to the implementation of lessons and tasks as may be reluctance to do homework student . In such cases, the student's interest, or assist in the preparation of homework in English. Then the student has to do the work himself, as if for him to do the job, it will not be any result. In the course of a student's learning English, you will see and understand how it perceives the material, if the perception is going well, it will complete this training watching cartoons in English, read stories, play games, sing songs, you can write mini-vocabulary dictation.

On the Internet there are many useful resources and assignments. It is also necessary to stimulate the student's rewards and ratings system, as this will give a direction to the student's desire to learn. To devote more time to communicate with the student. Control his knowledge gained during the training, organize joint meetings with families whose student are also learning English. Communicate with teachers and tutors of the English language that would optimize your student's learning. If possible, visit the English-speaking country where the student will be able to immerse themselves in the language. In the host country more time to spend on excursions and exhibitions, thus you are interested in the culture of English-speaking country of the child that will stimulate his interest in learning English. With this method of training is very important to capture the student's attention on aspects such as style of speech, grammar, various figures of speech, it's important in the formation of speaking, the foundation is laid for the future. When a little student begins to develop spoken language, you need to move on to more serious course and methods for the study of the English language, which will provide the fundamental direction in understanding the basics of the English language.
           Identifies important principles of teaching student English. In order to achieve a certain result, you need to practice the basic techniques of teaching student English. Namely:

      - In the results obtained with the effective teaching requires naturalness. The student should be interested in learning English. No need to make it all should take place without pressure.

     - Next, the method of binding sequences that do not need to do much bias on English grammar, forcing him to teach him the rules unclear. We need to start slowly: learning words and phrases to listen in English. Everything should be consistently and gradually.

    - It is necessary to remember about the persistence - if the process has already begun training with the baby, you need to persevere more, even if you do not see more concrete results. It is necessary to analyze the different methods of teaching to the child and then maybe there will be the necessary results.

         The process of teaching student English language requires a great deal of patience and effort, as interest and captivate the student at various teaching methods, it is very important in the direction of its future development. Upon reaching the desired results need to constantly work repetition, and what you have learned, is one aspect of success. The most interesting option consolidate the material - a game in English. Consider five simple games in English. At the stage of learning school age student in the classroom can become tired and are not interested. This may result in lack of interest in the subject, fatigue classes or thoughts are not in English. In such a case the best option cheer lesson is a game for 15-20 minutes. You do not need special training, but will strengthen the interest in the study of the planned material.
       The first game - called 20 questions. This game is that one of the student must think the word, and the rest must find out what that word by asking leading questions, which the student can answer "yes" or "no." In this game it is best to designate certain subjects and to harmonize with the student to guess words that are somehow associated with the topic. This game allows you to guess the words and whole phrases that denote a well-known object or phenomenon. This game allows children to overcome difficulties in the preparation of issues - especially with word order and the auxiliaries, and this version of the game helps to improve knowledge of English language learning.
      The second game - a race board. In this game a group of student is divided into teams and the larger the group, the merrier. Next, you need to divide the board into pieces - each team a corner. Next you need to specify some topic that may topic you were at the last lesson. Each team on their side of the board is to write as many words on this topic. This game is very well suited for the practice of learned vocabulary and grammar of the English language. In order to stimulate the game you need to provide prizes - such as sweets, a very good option.

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